Wholesale mylar balloons at discount prices.
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The Best Brand Name Mylar Balloons For less.

Save up to 60% off Normal Mylar Balloon Pricing.

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Discount Wholesale Mylar Balloons.

Valentine Balloons

Wholesale and Retail sales.

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 Low Shipping- $8.92 per order.

For Valentines Day mylar balloons for 2009 Please visit Bargain Balloons (our new website). Press the image on the right.

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Mylar Balloons

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4 or 9" Mylar Balloons
valentine balloons
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wholesale valentine balloons
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Wholesale and retail sales on mylar balloons.

Wholesale Sales.

We are a supplier, distributor, wholesaler of Mylar balloons to flower shops,
party supply stores, dollar and discount stores, entertainers and other independent businesses.

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Foil Balloons

Valentines Day Balloons

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Mylar Balloons For Less

4" Mylar Balloons 18" Mylar Balloons 20" wholesale mylar balloons foil balloon bags
4 or 9" Mylar Balloons 18" Mylar Balloons 20"+ Mylar Balloons Mylar Balloon Bags

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Wholesale Valentines Day Balloons

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Wholesale Balloons




Mylar Balloons

Over 1500 18" Mylar Balloon Designs

All 18" Designs Only $0.56 each or less.

Most Designs Double sided.

Valentine's Day Balloons

Savings of up to 60% off normal pricing.

All Blue Text links to our web catalog so press below to start viewing our over 650 designs .

Valentine Balloons



New Years

Mylar Balloons 2009

Mother's Day

Father's Day


Valentines Day Balloons


All 18" Mylar Balloons $0.56 or less.

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About Our Company


Hello visitor,

Welcome to our website.  Let us introduce our company.  At SpecialBuysInc.com we strive to provide the lowest prices on Mylar balloons.  We sell only brand name Mylar balloons from manufacturers including Bettalic, Qualatex, Classic Balloons, PSI and CTI industries.  We also strive to provide low priced shipping of only $8.92 per order and fast customer communications to your company.  We are able to delivery such discount prices on quality balloons for several reasons.

(1) First of all we buy in bulk and make special purchases of only quality Mylar balloons, including brands like Bettalic, Qualatex, CTI Industries, Classic and others from overstocked distributors and pass those savings onto you.  We also offer a selection of value priced Mylar balloons from several manufacturers.

(2) Second, since there is only a limited amount of overstocked Mylar balloons available to us we don't bother printing expensive catalogues, but instead utilize the internet to display full color pictures of our products.

(3) Third, except locally, we only sell online.  We do not have a regional or national sales force and this saves a lot of money and allows us to sell at a discount since we have to employee fewer people.

(4) Fourth, we limit the use of the telephone.  We communicate mostly using e-mail which drives down costs even lower. Once again this means discount prices on all our balloon products.

While we strive to reduce costs and prices to their minimum we still strive for excellence in customer service.  Unlike many other companies we do answer our e-mail and we would like to hear your feedback.  Your feedback helps us understand your needs much better so please e-mail us and we will respond within 1-24 hours.


Please do not hesitate to email us at with all your questions, comments or special requests.  E-mail is answered 5 or more times a day 364 days a year.


Thanks for viewing our wholesale website.


4 or 9" Mylar Balloons 18" Mylar Balloons 20"+ Mylar Balloons

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Mylar Balloon Bags

This wholesale catalogue has been designed by Special Buys Company Inc.  The logos are owned by Special Buys Company Inc.  Special Buys Company Inc.  is a wholesaler, distributor and supplier of  mylar balloons products to flower shops, party supply stores and dollar stores and other independent business.

Our best selection of Valentines Day Mylar Balloons-wholesale Mylar Balloons

Valentine's Day Mylar Balloons

Mother's Day Mylar Balloons

Father's Day Balloons

 Graduation Mylar Balloons

Sweetest day Mylar Balloons