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The most common questions about our company, shipping, etc... are answered here.
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U.S. Customers

Do I need a business or business number to buy from us?

You do not need to have a business to buy from us.  We understand that many of our customers are creating balloon bouquets or decorating party halls as a part time job or may need balloons for that one big special occasion .  You may purchase balloons for personal use.  We have no minimum order, but do have a flat rate shipping charge of $8.92.

What are the Shipping Costs?

We have adopted a flat rate shipping structure.  We charge only $8.92 U.S. per shipment.  The larger your order the more you save on shipping costs.

When should my order arrive?

All orders are packed the same or next day and shipped the same or next day.   Your order should arrive in 3-6 business days to most areas.  Delivery to Hawaii, Alaska, PR are delivered by postal service and may take longer.

Typical delivery times are 3-7 business days.  Delivery times are shortest in the North Eastern parts of the U.S. such as New York (3-5 business days) and longer as you move South or West.  For example St Louis (3-5 business days), Tampa (4-6 business days), Dallas (4-6 business days), Seattle (5-7 business days), Los Angeles (5-7 business days).  The times above are only estimates, but are generally fairly accurate and in most cases the lower number is correct except for rural areas.

How is my order shipped?

All Orders to business addresses are shipped by courier with tracking.

Orders under 50 18" Balloons to residential home addresses, P.O. Boxes, Hawaii, Alaska and PR.

Orders under 50 18" balloons are shipped airmail post office to residential areas. Orders over 50 18" balloons are shipped by courier except to P.O. boxes, Hawaii, Alaska and PR which are sent through the post office.  Delivery by courier can be requested to residential areas by paying the extra $1.87 for orders under 50 balloons.

For Courier Delivery for orders under 50 balloons.

$1.87 extra.

All orders over 50 18" Balloons with the exception of P.O. Boxes, Hawaii, Alaska and PR.

Your order is shipped by Courier with full tracking.

New Lower Overnight Rate

Overnight to 2 Day Delivery-($17.90 flat rate per order up to 175 18" balloons).-We receive a very reasonable rate on overnight to 2 day delivery.  This special rate is only available for small shipments which fit into a small size envelope.  Typically we find we can fit upwards of 175 balloons inside one envelope.  For larger orders it is cheaper for us to send two small envelopes at the special rate than to send your order in one shipment. 

For Courier Delivery.  Add $8.98 per 175 or less 18" balloons.

$8.98 extra per 175 18" mylar balloons.  Purchase 2 if you need to ship more than 175.


Payment Methods

Paying by credit card through our secure checkout is the easiest way to pay for your shipment.

You can also pay by money order or check. When paying by money order or check we suggest sending us an e-mail of the items you wish to order. That way we can put them aside for you. Otherwise we may be out of some of the items when your check or money order arrives.

Paying by check: Personal checks will be held for 3-7 days waiting for clearance.

Is paying by credit card safe?

Our credit card payment services are provided by on their secure servers.  PayPal dedicates over 100 employees worldwide to protecting buyers and sellers from fraud. Their specialists work 24/7 to monitor unusual activity on member accounts.   You are also protected by your credit card company against fraud.  Feel free to visit our credit card processors website at

Are there Customs and duties?

Any customs fees or duty through our courier are billed directly to us.  We have not yet heard of any customer being charged customs fees and we have shipped a lot of balloons.

Do you print a Catalog?

Catalogs are very expensive to create, print and distribute so we only use our online catalog to promote our product line.  This allows us to offer lower prices, but also allows us to add new products quickly whenever manufacturers offer us special deals which we can pass along at our $0.56 price point per 18" balloon.

How to contact us?  Why no Phone Number?

Our phone number is not listed on our website because we would prefer to offer you lower prices.  This may seem very odd at first, but when you consider the savings it makes good business sense for you since you receive lower prices.

There are still many ways you can contact us:

You can often find us live online so press the online chat button when the button says there is live help and we would be happy to assist you live with your questions.  Otherwise press the same button and send us an e-mail.  We will respond the same day since we answer our e-mails 5 or more times per day 7 days a week (If you do not receive a response-check your junk mail).

Need us to call you.  No problem.  Send us an e-mail and we will call you.  We respond to all e-mails 5 or more times per day so you are a guaranteed a timely response.


Did you know?

The boxes we ship our product in are overrun or obsolete corrugated shipping cartons.  They are not used, but they are no longer usable by the original user.  What does this mean for you?  It means a savings of $0.25 per order.  Yes a whole quarter. 


If you have any other questions please e-mail us.

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