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The most common questions about our company, shipping, etc... are answered here.
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Wholesale Mylar Balloons 

Shipments Outside North America

Do we ship to destinations outside North America?

Yes we do ship to destinations outside North America, but full shipping charges apply less a 20% shipping discount to all such international shipments.  We will attempt to find the lowest and most reliable shipping method or use your choice of shipper.  Regardless of the shipping method shipments may take longer than expected to arrive.  The buyer is responsible for informing us of any required documentation necessary to clear customs and providing those forms or a link to the access to those forms and an explanation on how to fill out the forms if not self explanatory.  Please keep in mind that in most cases because of the low value of your international shipment there is no required paperwork especially if sent through the postal service.  The buyer is responsible for all duty and taxes.

Is there a minimum order?

There is currently no minimum order, but all shipping costs apply to orders outside North America.

Estimated Shipping Costs

  Airmail (estimated 4-10 business days) Surface (2-6 weeks)
500 Grams or less
(Under 40 18" Balloons)
$11.50 $8.92
1 KG or less
(Under 80 18" Balloons)
$18.90 $8.92
2 KG of less
(Under 170 18" Balloons)
$36.50 $10.92

E-mail us for estimates on larger orders.

Please do not hesitate to email us at with all your questions or comments.  We will respond to your e-mail within 24 hours.


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